Airtel Super Singer 3 finalists


Santhosh Hariharan, the second wild card winner of the Super Singer and the last contestant to get selected to the finals of the Airtel Super Singer. I would say his inclusion in the finals was little surprise given that Kaushik and Srinivas had good fan following. Santosh had always been the dark horse in the competition and his passion to music had brought him to this level.

Santhosh became familiar to the judges and to viewers in the last edition of the Super Singer itself while he came in till to the top 10 of the competition. It is also a known fact that he along with his friends carry a music troop. His behavioural aspect in the sets has been tremendous which got him the Congenial contestant award.

Santosh has been pretty good in singing melody and folk songs. He has proved that in many instances and his super singer journey till top 4 has been good. But his lack of self confidence in the last 4 round brought disappointment to judges on him.

Vijay TV brought him a surprise while bringing his mom to the show which didnt happen until now and that was a very touching incident. After the end of this season of super singer Santosh will obviously become a playback singer and we will start listening to his songs soon. Although Santosh has been in the finals of the super singer I am not sure how much support he would get in compared to other finalists to win the title. I will not be surprised to see him bagging the title or becoming the runner up.

Sai Sharan

Sai Sharan was the first contestant from the wild card round to be selected for the grand finals of the Airtel Super singer. He has been unlucky for not being selected for the grand finals from the semi finals where he missed it by 0.5 marks to Sathyaprakash.

Sai Sharan has been giving a great competition for the Pooja and Sathyaprakash lately in the show and he was well expected to be in finals but somehow he missed. It was surprising for me to see his elimination from semifinals inspite of him getting the best performer in 2 genres out of 4. But, eventually after giving quite good performances he was almost certain to be selected from the wild card round. He also has good fan following and backing from the public.

Sai Sharan has been in Vijay TV itself for a while now where he was runner up in the first season of Airtel Super singer junior show. Then we have seen him in some of the stage shows of Vijay TV and some special performances in other shows in Vijay TV. He also appeared in Sun TV‘s Sangeetha Maha Yuddham and back to Vijay TV for the current Super Singer season. I guess we didnt see Sai Sharan in the preliminary audition given that he has got enought talent, Vijay TV made him to appear little later in the show. It happened to last season in Juniors with Balasarangan and Roshan.

Although he had a few ordinary performances in the wild card round his previous performances were still in mind of the viewers which brought him to the grand finals. After the top 20 levels Sai Sharan was surging to finals and all other contestants had difficult time in competing with him.

Even after his super performances we still remember the incidient that happened with him when judge playback singer Soumya wanted him to change his attitude. The very good thing about Sai Sharan is that he always wanted to win the title and he has had that in mind from the first round which he has told in public. With very good public backing and fan following Sai Sharan will have a bash at the finals where he could win or be the first runner up. What say guys ?


Pooja, the only female contestant in the grand final of the Airtel Super singer has been quite consistant in her performances in the show. There was a small patch where she was not at her best and found herself in danger zone few times after reaching the top levels. But, that small patch didnt last long and she was back with bang to reach the finals at ease. I remember pretty well that during the mid stages of the competition Pooja used to win all prizes in the show. There was series of 50k and 1lac prize money given to that week’s winner and she was bagging that few weeks continuously. I guess she was given an option to choose between entry to next round or 50k prize money once and she took the first option.

Pooja has been Sujatha‘s favourite in the show and Sujatha had deliberately told in the show that she is biased towards Pooja’s performance. Its good gesture from Sujatha to explicitly convey that to public but I am sure there are many people who are disappointed with that reason being Pooja into finals.

Given the fact that she has been consistant in most of the rounds, Pooja deserves to be in the finals. She lives in Hyderabad and travels for the show to Chennai everytime. She looks well matured and stage/competition will not be a bigger challenge for her since she has already done that in Zee Telugu?, I dont remember that Telugu channel where she bagged the award.

Pooja‘s performance in the semi finals was incredible according to judges that she became the first finalist in the show leaving a tight competition between Sathyaprakash and Sai Sharan. I believe that her melody songs has been her biggest strength which makes her to stride ahead of others. She would have the big challenge in the finals with Sathyaprakash, Sai Sharan & Santosh. she has good backing from the public but I am not sure if its in the level of other contestants but I am sure that she has a good support from the judges that might make her the Super Singer. Can Pooja become the first female Super Singer senior ? Lets wait and watch for her performance and results soon.


Sathyaprakash is one of the contestant who has been consistant from initial stages of the Super Singer 3. We have seen quite many varities of his performances and in all terms I think he deserves to be at the top of the list and selected to the grand finals. I remember that Sathyaprakash and Kaushik were selected to top 20 in initial stages itself because of their incredible performances early in the show. Sathya has been steadily performing and improvising his singing over the time. While he was selected as the finalist there were no surprises and no disappointment for the viewers even.

Some of the performances of Sathyaprakash are still in the mind. Over his singing talent he had those extra talents like imitating others where he imitated like judges and Divya in one of the episode. He also sang carnatic song in western genre which was really funny. He has been performing these kinds in few episodes which has been enjoyed by all of us.

Sathyaprakash‘s singing has been pleasant to hear always and his strong classical base learning is his biggest strength. It is also said that he wanted to compete in first 2 seasons of the super singer but his music guru wanted him to learn carnatic music well before attempting for this competition. Sathyaprakash is the lead runner for the super singer title and there are good chances he might bag the title. He has good fan following and he would get more votes for sure.

Updated 23-september-2011

Airtel Super singer Winners list

There were several prizes given to the Super singer 3 contestants during the grand final of the event. Dhanush and G.V Prakash Kumar were the chief guest kind of celebrities in this edition of the show. I will just pile up the prizes and winners.. wait upon for my review on the songs, performances, show round up later today..

  • Winner of the Airtel Super Singer 3 and 40 Lakhs worth Apartment. Also, playback singing opportunity with A.R Murugadoss‘ next production – Sai Sharan
  • 1st runner up of Airtel Super Singer 3 and winner of Car – Santosh
  • 2nd runner up with 3 Lakhs cash prize – Satyaprakash
  • 3rd runner up with 1 Lakh Cash Prize – Pooja
  • Best International Contestant and Bike – Praveen
  • Special prize for tough competition in Wildcard round and 1 Lakh cash prize – Srinivas


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  1. Sathya. You will go places as u have the true talent the comment you got from gv Prakash is more than the title. True talent will take you places and you will be very popular all over theworld. Keep it up don’t loose hopes

  2. Sathya. You will go places as u have the true talent the comment you got from gv Prakash is more than the title. True talent will take you places and you will be very popular all over theworld. Keep it up don’t loose hopes

  3. Hi melody king, Santos congrats.. all the best for Ur future & music gurney..
    Ganesh from- qatar

  4. Hi Sathya titles like super singer or vijay tv don’t deserve excellent singers like you.
    Shame on vijay tv and its voting system

  5. Dear sri Sai Sharan

    All the best from G N Narasimhan, G N Lakshmi, G N Lavanya & Mr. Uday Kiran
    Also best wishes from G N Aishwarya, SWEDEN – NOKIA Youth SINGER

  6. Vijay TV has cheated public, real winners are sathyaprakash and pooja, the final award giving function was dramatic and it is not true, i think the winner has threatened vijay TV to give the award to him. God knows who is the best singer, please here after do not ask for public vote and cheat people, a person who got more votes from judges has got small number of votes form public it’s unbelievable. When sathyaprakash got standing praises for his omana penne naturally he should have win the title, from yesterdyas show 29.09.11 aired at 9:00pm , we can see the face of saicharan, if it is a true winning he will be very happy, but you cannot see the happiness from his face, why his mother was not present for the show, because she knows that judges are going to praise sathyaprakash whos has sung truly beautiful. Saicharan and his mother both are guilty and they cannot face failure, we can see from their face, i have been watching since from the day airtel super singer started its journey. Public are the best judges and they love music more than others that’s why your program is so watched, but you cannot cheat them yesterdays display of votes was eye wash and unbelievable , why you didn’t display the votes on a digital borad on the day of program itself. G.V.Prakash music director himself praised sathyaprakash, that the day’s performer was sathyaprakash and finally we were all happy and our corporate staffs and area people also were happy to watch yesterdays event, srinivas bursted out his emotions and sujatha cried and showed her true feelings and every judges came to him and honoured and it was a pleasant moment to watch and sathya you are great man , nothing more than this for you, you can win lots of houses like this and you can earn more villas, pooja you also do not worry you have miles to go and your carrer already started, by this time lots of music directors would have approached you and really i appreciate you peoples humbleness , even after hearing that you got 4th and 3rd place you were smiling and you took it in a positive way, that is a competitors spirit, i appreciate you both and god bless you for ever and ever and all the best for all your future endeavours.VIJAY TV IN FUTURE PLEASE DO NOT DO LIKE THIS ONE SIDED FAVOURING. PEOPLE HAVE STARTED STOP WATCHING THE OTHER FAVOURITE CHANNEL AND STARTED WATCHING YOUR’S, PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL THE HOPES OF PUBLIC AND LOOSE YOUR NAME AND FAME BY THIS ATROCIOUS ACTIVITY.

  7. SAI IS THE BEST PERFORMER, I don’t agree with Suresh kumar’s comment. Even when finals 4 were selected, Sai sang a song Viliye Kathai Elluthu both Srinivas & Sujatha accepted greaciously his performance. Pooja was 1st selected, be: she’s favourite of Sujatha…Thanyasri & Malavika r best.
    Sathyapragash leaded sai .5 mark in semi-finals because of Unnikrishnan..he loves him….. Sathya good as Seerkali Govindarajan & have his Classical performance in Temple and even classical music shows. He’s ideal for that. Sai is multi talented voice..If any one can sing the song 0f 1960’s Maaplaai, Maama song I can challenge it. Music legend MSV has chosen as Sai as best performer. Srinivas was begging from MSV to become a Musician….. but Sai Charan has chosen by MSV & by the fans(Public).. Hey you can be a big shot, if you don’t have a public support you are 0….performer. Look at Hariharan jee… he is a performer, The whole Asian knows who’s is hariharan is…..Srinivas only Indians & malayalees like it… One day no doubt Sai Charan will be a famous music singer with multi talented voice. My advice Srinivas loss three laks music supporters of his emotional attiude. Wait for the future and see. I am so happy they have honoured Sathya….he is a truly classical music singer. if he is not shy….he would have won the title..

  8. I have been watching the Super Singer 3 since it commenced. From the beginning, Pooja was the only consistent performer and this was proved by her by winning the prizes during the weekly rounds. It was a shame that she was placed in the 4th position. But I am sure that her efforts will result in achieving greater heights. Thanks to Mr. James Vasanthan for providing her a chance. Personally, for me Pooja is a winner. The judges are selecting the participants from the beginning upto the final stage. Then whey they are not allowed to select the title winner? Please don’t go for public voting? For commercial reasons, you are going for public voting. Please avoid from next season.

  9. sathya u dont worry………… per the truth u will be the winner………….dont loose ur hope…..surely u can attain a good place in future…………….airtel super singer result is completely biased……………

  10. hai sathya i love you so much. don’t worry you will be the real super singer in your life.i want to see you sathya.pls pls pls……….

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