All set for Airtel Super Singer 3 Finale

They have made the viewers sit glued to the television… They have risen to fame with their exceptional singing talent. They are none other than the finalists of the most popular reality voice hunt Airtel Super Singer 3 on Vijay TV. The show has reached its last leg and the finalists Sathyaprakash (SS 01), Pooja (SS 02) Saicharan (SS 07), Santhosh (SS 05), would be fighting one last time. The time has come to crown the winner of AIRTEL SUPER SINGER 3 in 2011..!! Who among the talented four finalists would win the prestigious title and walk away with a grand prize worth Rs. 40 lakhs..!!!

The four finalists would battle it out under various genres of singing. Viewers get to vote for their favorite contestant by SMS, IVR or Online.  The final clash of the four finalists of Airtel Super Singer 3 would take place on September 23rd, ; 6.30pm onward at Chennai Trade Center, Nadambakkam, Chennai in front of an audience of more than 10,000 and would  beam LIVE reaching its diehard fans across the country.

The grand finale would be graced by legendary music composers and popular musicians from the South music industry. Many special performances by eminent singers await the viewers as well. The stage is all set for these most talented performers to redefine their dreams. The Judges of the show singers Sujatha, Srinivas and Unnikrishnan also would be seen to encourage and judge the talented young contestants.

Voting mechanism:

Airtel subscribers can call 5432178 from their mobile phone.

Viewers can SMS SS XX to 57827 and cast their vote for the deserving and talented singer (XX-being the contestant’s number)

Apart from this, viewers can also login to and cast their vote.

Voting lines are open from Wednesday, September 14th 10 pm and will continue to be open during the LIVE performances on September 23rd.

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  1. This Finale is the repetition of the Final 4 Quarter Finals between Pooja, Sathya, Sai and Santhosh…Over a year of competition, a clear picture has emerged: All are good as far as the Grammar of Music is concerned: they all keep their Sruthi, Talam and Bhavam etc.. no problem there.. no difference among themselves. But when you come to Diction, Feel, Modulation and Genre, there is clear distinction -Pooja has shown to be the Queen of Feelings and Emotions, and she is very good in Western, Melody and possibly Classical – she is not that good in Kuthu songs. Sathya and Sai must fight hard to get t the Classic Genre, and Santhosh will easily get the Kuthu songs…So, it appears Pooja will be One to Win the Title, knowing what we know now… Nothing much will change. Wait & watch…. Please vote for Pooja SS 02 in the Finals… Listen to her “Mannippaya” or “Rahatullah”…..

  2. Pooja is the Best . Surprised How Saicharan is able to come to this level ? . Absolute support from Vijay TV . Clearly Visible with simple question – How He was able to win the Prize from Viswanathan Ramamoorthy Inspite of he was not in the first 2 & selected after wild card ?

  3. Today (21 Sep 2011) the Finalists had a show in the Shopping Center with their banners unfurled….banners look awesome.. but the Speakers were inadequate… none of the singers could create a big splash…. Pooja sang a Kamal’s song “Who’s the Hero” which she has sung very well in the Studio.

    Anyway, we need to wait till Friday 23 Sep 2011 to watch the Finale..

    Please vote for Pooja SS 02 – She will rock the podium with her Western, Melody and Classic genre! I hope the Speaker system will be engineered to capture the mood of the evening! It has to be adjusted to give the right decible of song to all the people with high fidelity…. Wait & watch.

  4. Sai Sharan is the best singer in SS3. Please kindly remember saisharan won two rounds out of four rounds in semifinal ie kuthu and melody. He has given many outstanding perfomances in this whole season. he is the only singer sung all kind of songs with perfection. please vote for him.


  6. Best Singer of 2011 Sathya Prakash SS 01. SS 01 Satya Prakash will win the Title of Airtel Super Singer 03. Please vote for Satya.

  7. Satya Prakash, Pooja, Santhosh and Sai Charan is the standing order according to their eligibility,unless Vijay TV supports and show favouritism to Sai. Vijay TV wins because they select according to their whims and fancies. I don’t know how Saicharan got selected in the Thathva padal segment with singing Kadalikka Nerammlai….

  8. Saicharan doesnot deserve to be number one. Satya and Pooja and even santhosh are better than Saicharan.

  9. i ll surely vote for ma fav darling poojaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………….
    SS 02
    ua rocking……….
    keep going……….
    wish u all sucess…………..!!!!!

  10. Pooja is the best, not only in terms of how much feel and perfection she has, but also in terms of what’s the most apt for film music.

  11. sai charan is the best singer in super singer 3. plz plz plz vote for vote is ss07 saicharan sai rockzzzzzzzzzz so plz vote for him………………….

  12. If Sai Charan wins, it’ll be surely because of Vijay TV’s favoritism towards him.. I can’t believe he won the wild card.. Srinivas was very deserving.. Felt really bad when a real talent had to go.. :|

  13. plz vote for ss 05 santhosh……plz God bless uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

    How do you Vote?

    Airtel subscribers can call 5432178 from their mobile phone.

    Viewers can SMS SS XX to 57827 and cast their vote for the deserving and talented singer (XX-being the contestant’s number)

    Apart from this, viewers can also login to and cast their vote.

    Voting lines are open from Wednesday, September 14th 10 pm and will continue to be open during the LIVE performances on September 23rd

    This excitement of music will be LIVE on Friday, September 23, 2011, starting 6:30pm. Viewers do not miss to watch your favorite super singer perform for the coveted title one last time.

  14. I really hate this judgement.Really unbelieveable .Hereafter i will never watch this program.We should bring this result under lokpal.Sathya was the deserving person,then why should he get selected to this program first.All the judges would have been felt for sathya.If its going to be the vote given by the people then why the judges are there,becos all the people can’t juge their perfection.Why they didnt announce the number of votes.May be this is a cheating.After sathya finished his final song all the judges stood up,becos all would have thought that sathya will win.Judgement should have been from the judges who have seen them for the past one year.Does the final song decide their future its really ridiculous.

  15. Super singer finals.

    i believe a fraud has been committed in the finals. the deserving top 2 were pooja and sathiyaparakash. its beyond my understanding and many others,, how come saicharan/ santhosh bagged the first 2 spots.

    something is fishy. even GV prakash( Music director) was candid when he said he liked sathyaprakash ,, as the best…. ???? well something is wrong.. mark my words.

  16. engaluku manasaysariellai. sathyafirst vanthirukavendum ethil eyho golmole nadathirukiradu
    makkaluku sariyga judgement sollathiyavillai . gopinath mugathilum judgesmugathilum magizchiellai enthtime judgement sariellai. final judgement makkalidum kodukkakudathu. judges evalluvu sharpaga semifinalresult sonnargal. enmale final result judgesthan edukavendum.

  17. Is there anyway way to question the channel using RTI Act? If they are not considering our votes and decide on their own favourites, don’t we have the right to question? We spend money sending a SMS and making Airtel earn crores.. But they in turn make us fools.. :x :x

  18. As feared finally sai charan was selected to the top. The people who voted for sai are mere fanatics and not very much concern about music or its principle. Saicharan with his coarse and unstable voice can ver be a good singer even if he practice life long. His voice texture is not palatable, then how he can be a good singer. Only Vijay TV and its amamchami judges will like him. The final word seems is of airtel the money maker and its unscupulous sponsors. A direct entry from the very beginning by his strength of voice and rendition can how be downgraded like this. VIJAY TV managegment should first watch the programme of Aisanet idea star singer to know about conducting such reality programme. This time a Chennai woman was number one. That is the judgement and vote alone. If it is vote alone she was nowwhere near the other contestants who scored 4 or five times more than her. Sai Charan is not even match to the 2nd or third runner up of Star singer junior of Asianet. The malayalee judges, Unnikrishnan, sujatha and sreenivas and even Anant Vaidhya nathan knows it better. Hell with your programme. Despite lack of confidence by both sai and his mother, he was selected to the top spot, surprising even the judges sujatha and unni. Every one noticed at the stage their reaction. I phoo sai. he can never be a good singer in his life time, though he won the title by the grace of Vijay TV management. How much they offered you pals? wrtched.

  19. It was a great mess.. it was decided as per the votes given after the final performances, and how cum the name of the dubakur sai charan printed so fastly on the gift cheque so easily… all wer pre-defined and cheated the people who have watched the program till the end..

    They gave the title to Sai and santosh, bcoz they only will stay here and give some performances on vijay tv in future.. thats y they have played all the stupid games against the real winners Pooja or sathya.

  20. its so sad that VIJAY TV and AIRTEL has done like this and made a bad feeling and impression about this programme into a degraded and results predetermined ………………Vijay TV Crew pls do watch IDEA STAR SINGER how the selected the persons for finals and how the take the finalists.


    AFTER ALL Y VIJAY TV and JUDGES CALL again finalists and now saying votes and Singer SRINIVAS SHOUTS on PEOPLE.So Sad

    really my eyes filled with tears when sathya stands in front of judges and he got 20/20 eve SAI dosent , also U POOJA EXELLENT .


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