Vijay TV’s Airtel Super Singer 3 WILD CARD ROUND

The finals of the glamorous and prestigious Airtel Super Singer 3; the hunt for the best singer is just around the corner. Pooja and Sathyaprakash; the top performers of Super Singer 3 have impressed the judges and earned their spots in the FINALS of Airtel Super Singer 3. Now, only one spot remains for the Finals and the competition is tough.

After a grueling competition, the judges have shortlisted 8 contestants of Super Singer who have proved their worth to be given their shot at the finals. Now these 8 contestants are put to task. Kaushik – SS 03, Srinivas – SS 04, Santhosh – SS 05, Danyashree – SS 06, Saicharan SS 07, Maalavika – SS 08, Praveen – SS 10, Hariharasudan – SS 16, are the chosen eight contestants who will compete in the wildcard round of Airtel Super Singer 3 from August 29th to September 7th, 2011 airing Monday – Friday at 9pm.

As this is their last chance to continue their Super Singer dream; the contestants have put in their best; the contestants would perform various songs ranging from melody, folk, western, classical etc., The contestants have two tasks at hand; they have to impress both the judges and the viewers alike; as the viewers get to vote for the most deserving contestant. Popular singers including T.L. Maharajan, Sriram Parthasarthy, S.P. Shailaja, Sowmya, Nithyashree Mahadevan and Malgudi Subha would comprise the judging panel on the show. The viewers can vote via mobile or online.

Voting mechanism

Airtel subscribers can call 5432178 from their mobile phone.
Viewers can SMS SS XX to 57827 and cast their vote for the deserving and talented singer (XX-being the contestant’s number)Apart from this, viewers can also login to and cast their vote.

Voting lines are open from Monday, August 29th – 10 pm to Wednesday, September 7th – 2011 midnight 12 pm.

So with all this action and excitement; don’t miss the wildcard round of Airtel Super Singer3 on Vijay TV Monday – Friday at 8.30Pm from August 29th.

Please cast your vote here also.

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  1. Wild card round is from August 29th to September 7th, 2011.

    How to Vote ?

    The viewers can vote via mobile or online. Voting Mechanism Of Airtel Super Singer 3

    Airtel subscribers can call 5432178 from their mobile phone.
    Viewers can SMS SS XX to 57827 and cast their vote for the deserving and talented singer (XX-being the contestant’s number)

    Kaushik – SS 03
    Srinivas – SS 04
    Santhosh – SS 05
    Danyashree – SS 06
    Saicharan – SS 07
    Maalavika – SS 08
    Praveen – SS 10
    Hariharasudan – SS 16

    Apart from this, viewers can also login to and cast their vote.

    Voting lines are open from today. Monday, August 29th – 10 pm to Wednesday, September 7th midnight.

  2. i would like to vote for Santhosh – SS 05 because his voice something different from others.

  3. hi dear contestants all the very best to you. use your stage wish you all great success. Dear Santhosh my whole family is a great fan of u……………..

  4. plz vote for SS 06 dhanya shree. she is a calm and beautiful and veryyyyyyyyyyy quite girl . I WISH TO SELECT THE WILD CARD ROUND SO PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ VOTE FOR DHANYAAAAAAAAA……………….

  5. I like dhanayasree is super singer and I wish she won the airtel super singer 3 wild card round and winner of the airtel super singer 3.

  6. hi… my vote is for SS 07 Saicharan … plzzz send him 2 finalsss. definitely he can gve best…




  8. dai naye’inga le.. pu******* ma*** oru website olunga vote poda mudile.. enna maair mairku idgu wrbsite? olunga en vote srinivas ku padhivu pannunga!!!

  9. all the 8 atleast 5 out of 8 are deserving. however for his hardwork and voice control sai saran deserves a place in the final

  10. My vote is for sai. We and my family members are like you very mch. you are really rocking. My favourite singer is ever green S.P.B sir you sing like him.
    Again I have to tell this my vote is ss07 saicharan

  11. rocking performance by saisaran. absolutely there is no doubt. he has to enter the final along with the other two candidates.

  12. Sai Charan is the best. He should have been there on top. Judges have made a grave, consicious mistake. He is much better than Sathya. And Pooja, how are u there on top. you have melody and feel. But not a command over music. wish you good luck sai. You definitely do not deserve to be contesting in the Wild Card Round. Some times life is ironical. Please go ahead in life with music. Super Singer is not the only plat form. Actually, Malayalam Super Singer platform is for more superior in quality & judgement. ALL THE BEST SAI. MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ALWAYS.

  13. I am a great fan of Mr SaiCharan…not only me…our family as a whole are greatest fan of Sri Sai charan…such an unbeatable voice. no comparison . we were little disappointed when he just missed by 1/2 point. to the finals….now that he has come back thru wild card round we really wish that he has got another chance to go for finals. we all wish him all the very best wishes and good luck. our prayers for that. he should…and he will….. So far we are concerned He is NUMBER ONE .He is going to come back and snatch the finan Victory.We pray for his success.Rama/viswanathan/Ravi/Lalitha/kavya/Avinash/Deepa&Dharma from USA..

  14. My vote is for the ONE & ONLY SRINI / SRINIVAS / SRINIVASAN – SS 04……….

    His voice, emotion, passion etc. can take him thru any song very easily.

  15. My vote is for Sai Charan. He has proved he is the most versertile singer among all including Sathya and Pooja. In my opinion he should have been the first to go in to the finals.Good luck Sai.

  16. my father Mr S Sankara Raman and I vote for Kaushik Best voice super singing .My Dad who is 84 years old Myself n husband bless u I hope u get thru.WE VOTE FOR U KAUSHIK .

  17. hai…………my vote is ss 06 danyashree all the best dear…………………… family is great fan of u………..all the best all the best ………………………………………….great success in front of u go ahead…………………

  18. My dam Vote is for SS04 Srinivas :) I assure my 100s of vote To srini :) yu are amazing and Aromale simopley sooooooooooperb man yu rock :)

  19. SS07 Sai Charan has superb makings of a great singer. I really cannot understand how the judges differentiated him by a half mark and pushed him down to undergo the whole WildCard Round again. Let us be fair to Sai Charan. He must be given a chance in the Finals by every music lover. Sai, go all the way to win. You will win. My prayers are with you. Best Wishes.

  20. My vote is for SS07 Sai Charan. Compared to even Pooja, Sai has versatality. He and Sathya will be a grand good competitors to each other in the finals. Please Vote for SS07. Sai Charan. Sai really deserves a chance to be in the finals. Sai, I have been following your progress in Vijay TV as if you are a family member. I was really moved to tears when you were pushed down to the Wild Card Round. You will definitely make a grand come back. Stay Cheerful. Don’t be tensed. Relax. You are singing well. Stay more calm and composed. Wish you success. All the best.

  21. Dear Vijay TV,
    Can someone tell your compere Divya to conduct herself in a more neutral and positive manner while doing the Super Singer 3 compering like Gopinath is doing. Whenever Divya is doing the compering I get the doubt if she is doing compering or she is one of the judges. She can easily pull down the morale of any competitor. Even the judges are better than her in giving feedback to the contestants. It is not fair to the Super Singers who are already facing tensed situation and who are in really tight corners. Gopinath’s way of conducting Super Singer Wild Card is really encouraging to the competitors and he is allowing the contestants to stay calm and composed. The way Divya is doing, it is really hurting and humiliating sometimes, and even the viewers can easily get annoyed.
    Please Divya, treat this as a feedback and NOT as a rude comment from the viewer.

  22. hi am thejaashwini in neyveli i want to vote for kaushik mind blowing singer he is the right person to take the title”AIRTEL SUPER SINGER 3 so i vote for kaushik-SS 03

  23. My vote for SS07 Sai Charan.
    He had missed super singer Junior earlier,but i wish him a good luck for this season.

  24. my vote isHariharasudan SS16…………gud luck hari the god hariharasudan iyyappan helps uuuuuuuuuuuuu

  25. my vote for Sai charan, SS 07.
    His voice, emotion, passion etc. can take him thru any song very easily.

  26. ss 08 malavika is my favourite singer bcoz she can manage any situation…… nice presentation

  27. my vote is for saicharan only ss07. He has got lot of tallent and a very hard working guy also. he only has the tallent of getting the super singer title

  28. HI MR.Srinivas ur the real singer , i never seen & no one is not attempt to this Aaromale song reallg good if BY Chance A.R RAHMAN See this realy amazing

  29. It seems from the clippings that today (2.9.2011) Shrinivas is going to give away his life to the song AARAMALE. He is a very dedicated and sincere singer. Kaushik is also is a very sincere and dedicated singer. Either one of the above may be elected because these two guys have a lot of fans. It would be tough enough to supercede this guys for Pooja and Sathya in the finals. But it is my duty to say this that each and every wild card contestant especially Malavika, Santhosh, Hariharasudhan, Dhanyashree do their best.

  30. My name is Saroja Thanabalasingam and I am from Canada. For a year, I have been a religious viewer of your show, Super Singer. I am writing this as I watch your semi-final episode. Recently, my family is starting to strongly feel that the show is running on a biased term. We can’t help but notice how the judges seem to overly favour the contestant Pooja. It seems as the marks awarded to her do not reflect the judges’ comments. Let’s take the semi-final episode as an example since it is the one that is fresh in my mind. During each of the rounds the judges seemed to note that while Pooja did a ‘good’ job, there were still many aspects and specifications on which she could improve on. However, when the time came to announce marks, Pooja received great marks. We noticed that when Satya Prakash and Sai Charan were performing, the judges noted that both contests had few flaws but still awarded them with low marks. To the viewers it seems as if the judges enjoy showering Pooja with marks. It really makes us question the integrity and reliability of this program. We wonder if the competition is ‘rigged’. And trust me, we are not the only one who feel this way; on many sites, I have encountered many furious viewers who have been blasting very detailed comments about the bias in your show. I’m not writing this letter to accuse your show of being conducted in an ill-manner; I am writing this letter to let you aware of what the viewers think of your judging methods. Please take this into consideration. If you disregard this letter; take my word for it; you will regret it. By the way, please teach your hostess Divya how to not reveal her personal bias when anchoring. Honestly, it is truly irritating.


  32. Hi., I Think Malavika is most unfit candidate for this airtel super singer reality show in all aspects(Worst singing,worst voice almost not suits for all genere of songs,worst attitude,worst dressing,worst dancing,oooooooooover confidence right from the beginning ettttc.,) Likewise Santose sometimes singing good but he is unfit to finals level his attitude also not good whie singing From my point lsuit of finalist can made good justification Rank 1.SathyaPraksh(Best Singing,Best Talent,Best Attitude) Rank 2.SaiCharan(Best singing,Best Talent,Ooover confindent,Sometimes worst attitude) Rank 3.Kosik(Versatile singer,good attitude) Rank 4.Pooja(Good singing of safe zone songs,Best attitude,She singing only safe zone songs from the beginning)., From My point though of view though am a tamizhian the singer candidates should learn much much from malayali alka ajith(ASS2 Junior Winner) The singing talent,Ability to sing all genere of songs perfect,The attitude Dressing sense etc.., Finally one question why should the singing program contestants dancing at the stages this is only a singing competion and it staged in india and amilnadu only,for to dance there are someother programs in almost all the channels,and why the program director make this program most sentimental bringing the contestants family to cry infront of the stage and bringging the poverty and family situation in to the program this is a competion and the talent only sholud win irrespective of thier family situation,the candidates should show their talent and if they good they will win., And please do not bring the candidates like MALAVIKA in to the reality show with worst activities for public related shows she may be modern but the program is mainly targetting the viewers than the contestants,also his own interests like dressing sense,attitude etc should not come in to public related programs like ASS almost all the peoples form world watching this show through TV Know,atleast the candidates shuld have some decent manarisoms and behavior,obedience,neatliness,in the stage but the candidate MALAVIKA not at all satifies these characters she was not at all a candidate for the programs like ASS,pleae through her off form ASS don not bring her back to this show through wild card., Also the above said points should suitable to Judges and parents of the candidtes., We the viewers sometimes judging even better than the stage-judges also the stage-judges should not be biased and should not show thier own likes and partialities in the competition like ASS. all the best for being good program….

  33. Is ANANTHJI giving training for AIRTEL SUPER SINGER 3 contestants only? If not so, I think he can give training to many talented singers outside the purview of this show. We are watching the TREMENDOUS improvement deep inside the performances of all contestants ( Except Pooja whom I think I don’t see any notable improvement in her rendition). After the winner is announced ( I think it may be Sathya or Pooja and not the wild card winners because mostly wild card winners are not winning the title so far. But I will feel happy if Sai can break this sentiment)the address of Shri Ananthji may please be given so that we can produce many fantastic singers.

  34. THERE IS NO SHOCK IN SAI GETTING ELIM…. KAUSHIK ELIMINATE AANA POTHU IRUNATHA SHOCK VIDAVA ITHU SHOCK… I EXPECTED THIS.. becoz he is not that better as sathya or kaushik to enter finals… being first time participating sathya and kaushik have show great improvement and reached greaater heights but sai…… singing from Juniors and till now singing singing singing singing….. only his overconfidence and bad attitude has reached greater height not his singing to that extent… in my opinion.. it should be sathya, kaushik and pooja compete in finals…

  35. I’ve been watching Super Singer 3 from the beginning. Great singers by budding artists. However, one thing you cannot miss here is how the judges are extremely biased. They has been discrimination all along, and promotion of certain favorites. I definitely thought that Pooja would go to the finals, based on favoritism, inspite of the fact that there were others who were better than her. Saicharan’s elimination, giving some unworthy reasons confirmed what I believed in. Great singers, but unfair judges who have made their mind beforehand. I watch the program only to watch the amazing talent, knowing very well that the judgement is biased and skewed.

  36. As some one told the judeges are definitedly biased after seeing the semifinals. I can bet the winner is Pooja which is finalised long back, The entry of Mano an how Sai was eliminated is a proof. Let the heartful judges reiew with the other 3rd parties and re do the marks given. Pooja will be 3rd. Srinivs is the only true tamilian who is not favouring and all other malayalees know well pro vijay and not fit to be the real judge. Sai should boycot the while card round and exit from the entry and probagte abount the judges

  37. Koushik – SS03
    Srinivas – SS 04
    Santhosh – SS 05
    Danyashree – SS 06
    Saicharan – SS 07

  38. my vote is for saicharan…… 1st time im voting i was really impresed in ur wild card performance keep on rocking al the best…….. for ur finalzzzzzzz , “aunty” my vote is specially for youuuuuuu……..

  39. my vote is for saicharan…… SS 07
    1st time im voting i was really impresed in ur wild card performance keep on rocking al the best…….. for ur finalzzzzzzz , “aunty” my vote is specially for youuuuuuu……..

  40. I would like to vote for Maalavika – SS 08 because his voice something different and very cuteeeee. i luv her voice. All the best maalavika keep rocking…

  41. SS 07 Sai Charan is my favourite. Has always been. He has a magnetic voice and has a lot to contribute to our world of film music. I just cant wait to hear him as a play back singer. He deserves to be in the finals. God Bless. Please vote for him. The best should always win our support.

  42. i luv santhosh voice…… he is a versatile singer……. i’m great fan of santhosh anna…. best wishes to him…… my whole family is great fan of santhosh anna…………………

  43. SS 04 SS 04 SS 04 SS 04 SS 04 SS 04 SS 04 SS 04 SS 04 SS 04 SS 04 SS 04 SS 04 SS 04 SS 04 SS 04 SS 04 SS 04

  44. Dear sir,

    I request you to avoid Malayalee judges such as Mrs sujatha in super singer programe she always used to support his malayalees though there is other good performer she used eliminate them from the begining. Here after i request you to not to invite Mr. Mano to this programe. I also want to questioned the judges how they picked Miss puja for the final who is not giving good performance in the carnatic round. and how Mr. Mano and Mr. Srinivas after appreciating Mr. sathya prakash for his Performance in the koothu round put only 07 marks in the semifinal who has given good performance but for Miss pooja for his worst performance in the carnatic round all the judges are giving good marks and song which she singed is not good song comparing to other performer

  45. Srinivas – SS 04 ………CAN ANYONE ELSE GIVE A SOUL-STIRRING PERFORMANCE like your “Aaromale” or “Pookkal Pookkum tharunam”?????!!!!!!!

  46. I wish sai charan charan wins the wild card round and also the title..he s the only deserving candidate…

  47. Sai saran has a great voice and classical,and carnatic melodies i wish best of luck for sai and please put my vote for sai (SS 07) AND ME AND MY FAMILY ALL THINK THAT SAI SHARAN SHOULD WIN THIS WILDCARD ROUND please vote for him

  48. Wish all the contestants a wonderful future. Guess who would win the wild card round..
    I think 2 weeks of wild card is little too long, they can keep for a week alone.

  49. very very very very very happy happpyyyyyyyy Saicharan won the wild card round thank u so much vijay tv i am a fan of sai…………
    CONGRATS SAI……………..
    And All The Best To win the super singer 3 Title Sai……………

  50. Hi Sai
    SS 07 my vote for sai
    SS 07, SS 07, SS 07, SS 07, SS 07, SS 07, SS 07, SS 07, SS 07, SS 07, SS 07, SS 07, SS 07, SS 07, SS 07,
    From : Toronto

  51. My vote for Saicharan SS07.He is the best amoung all in the wild card final.Rama/Viswanathan,Missouri,USA.

  52. We were upset when Saicharan was eliminated.He definitely deserve to have been already in the final.It is indeed very unfotunate that the judges did not select Sai who ( according to me) is better than the two already in.I strongly select Sai ss07 for the first place in the wild card.

  53. Dear Sai,
    My vote is for you only.Wish you good luck and success,to make everybody happy with your sweet ,unique ,best performance.
    my vote is for SS 07 Saicharan.

  54. i would like to vote for santhosh. because he is magical singer. recently he has sung “neeye sol”. it was amazing….really excellent. i request all the people vote for santhosh…SS 05

  55. . Last night when the finals was aired, The three judges were there and artificially smiling and enjoying the performances in a biased manner. Srini was only supporting pooja and Satya. Not that they did not sing well but it was too much like a show off. Why is that Unni (fool) present? And sujatha thinks that only she knows singing. She is nowhere near Chitra or Shreya ghosal. Ask them to behave unbiased or else please dont come to the show. Let the singers sing for the audience and feel happy. And that Divya , why did she come back? Gopinath was so nice. This female doesnt know to talk tamil properly. Tell her to do only anchoring and not commenting. And tell her not to shout with that useless voice of hers.

    All the best for all the singers.

  56. sai when God is there with you who /what else can be otherwise!

    SS 07 saicharan, aspire, work hard you will win the title SS3 finally.
    My vote is for SS 07 none other than saicharan.prayers for u.

  57. hariharansudhan ……i was really impressed by ur songs tooooooo much ……….i cant xpress it in words……….god bless u dear……u have lots of gal fans in my home town…….keep rocking in ur lyf……….tc

  58. To Vijay TV Director

    i would like to request the vijay TV program director, please dont invite these judges(unni, sujatha, srini) especially srini too much acting artiicially and all are favering satya and pooja, because they only selected them for the finals. They want to jusitfy their decision,thatswhy they are giving comments in a biased manner. they are the judges for the whole SS3 so they have fixed mindset.
    you are going to the loose the viewers if you continue with DIVYA. please bring the neutral compereors like siva karthikeyan and gopi.
    judges nithayasree, maharajan sir are very good. or bring new judges.
    consider this as positive feed back from true fan of vijay tv .

  59. sai is the best singer, my vote for sai ss 07.
    sai is the best singer and should be lucky person in the finallllll……

  60. hai, sai my vote for u. best of luck.
    sai is the best singer and should be lucky person in the finallllllllssssssss…….
    again best of luck sai…..

  61. Dear Vijay Tv

    Please for heaven sake ;;;dont dont invite these judges(unni, sujatha, srini)
    judges nithayasree, maharajan sir are very good. or bring new Judges .
    these judges(unni, sujatha, srini) are so biased , I had a very good respect for them earlier , BUT Now they are very very DISGUSTING.
    They simply dont know how give good decision



  64. Our vote in the final for Saicharan.We saw all the four.Saicharan is unbeatable by any of the other three.Best of luck Sai ss07. Rama Viswanathan ,Missouri,USA

  65. my vote for ssj 09

  66. hai ajeeth i love your performance do your best for finals our family members always support you we are pray for you do your best…………………….god bless youuuuuuuuuuuu.

  67. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ajeeth give your rock performance for finals all the very best my dear sweet brother

  68. my vote is aajith ssj 05
    i like his performance very much…
    god bless you wish u a bright future aajith..

  69. i like aajeed very much………………… vote s 4 ssj05 AAJEED KHALIQHE ………… most fav………………i luv aajeed…………….

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