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Ajith‘s 50th movie Mankatha has hit the screens today. This Venkat Prabhu movie has given Ajith the biggest opening in his career. Also starring Trisha, Arjun, Anjali, Lakshmi Rai, Vaibhav Reddy, Premji Amaran and Ashwin, the movie has music by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

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Mankatha was to hit the screens on May 1, Ajith‘s birthday. But now it has hit the screens on Yuvan Shankar Raja‘s birthday. It is heard that the entire crew is in Tirupathi to seek blessings of Lord Balaji for the success of Mankatha. It is also heard that Yuvan will be getting married tomorrrow at the holy city.

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Mankatha rocks Singapore, Dubai

Ajith‘s 50th movie Mankatha has taken a phenomenal opening not just in India, but in overseas as well. The initial reports from Singapore and Dubai are overwhelming.

Radika Sarathkumar of Radaan Media works, has tweeted about the same.

Mankatha directed by Venkat Prabhu also stars Trisha and Arjun; besides of course an ensemble cast. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja has got a great response and it is heard that his background score is also awesome.

The produced is by Cloud Nine Movies and released under the Sun Pictures banner.

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Mankatha team watches ‘Mankatha’

It was a special moment for the unit members of ‘Mankatha‘ as they happened to come together along with their families. Yesterday, ‘Mankatha‘ was screened for the members of the unit at Gemini Lab Preview theater and it was a very special occasion as Thala Ajith was present there. Vaibhav Reddy immediately tweeted saying that it’s a wonderful day as he is watching the film with ‘Thala’.

ajith mankatha show Mankatha movie review   First on

On the other end, editor of the film – Praveen KL was so floored by the gesture of Thala as he hugged him soon after the film was over. Shedding light on the film, he said, ‘Never seen such a wonderful first copy throughout my career. It has been done with an excellent panache. Thala is super and Venkat Prabhu rocks. Get ready to go blown away by this outstanding piece of work.’

Mankatha‘ is hitting screens worldwide on August 31, 2011(31+8+11=50 This is thala’s 50th flim!!!) and there are more exciting news coming up on the way. Keep logging to this column for more updates on this film.

Mankatha a Great Hit in Malaysia

Though the film Mankatha which has Ajith, Arjun, Trisha, Vaibhav Reddy, Lakshmi Rai, Andrea, Premji Amaren, Anjali in the cast is being released worldwide tomorrow ( 31st August 2011), a special screening of this film was made today evening in one of the theatres belonging to Golden Screen Cinema. This is the leading film exhibitor in Malaysia.

After the screening, there was a standing ovation for this film. The audience who saw this film were very excited. Few of the people who attended this screening have mentioned that they have not seen such an Ajith film with class.

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It seems that the first half is rib tickling while the other half is filled with racy action sequences which has never been seen in Ajith films earlier. The direction of the film is 2 hours 40 minutes. This film is listed under one of the hot movie checks in Malaysia. This film is listed 2nd while the first being Final Destination 5.

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  1. manmatharazaa says

    * Songs s**ks – Music as well as Cinematography
    * Venkat Prabhu is incapable of directing movies for a Mass hero like Thala
    * VP had sought fame & Publicity for Prem – STUPID and RIDICULES!

    Venkat Prabhu already said that he had too many arguments with THALA during shooting – ask yourself why? (VP made THALA a stupid and he knew the movie will be a super sothappal.

    Think a moment why Thala didn’t attend the Audio release? He know the songs are not that interesting as it was in Thala’s other movies!

    Why thala didn’t come in public even for the movie release? Thala knew doing this movie was the biggest mistake he ever made!

    Thala should NOT ACCEPT movies of small time directors!

    Conclusion: Mangatha is a waste of time (Sucks big time) movie is like SAMBAR!

  2. Ganesh A says

    Congrats Thala Ajith for reaching the Half Century

    How’s the design of the first Image with all the names of Thala’s movies
    that’s my work
    Hahaha mankatha da………..

  3. rsss says

    The movie is average but u can watch this movie just for ajith looks,style and yuvan’s background score….he is the apt choice for such kinda role….thala thala danpa….

  4. saravanan says



  5. Ananthi says

    Ajith has dared to experiment with a negative character in his landmark 50th film. He has the guts to appear on screen with gray hair and grayer shades in his character. He has done it with grace and inimitable style.

    Director Venkatprabhu presents a story related to his beloved game cricket. He has chosen not to present the game as a show piece but as a means to launder lot of money in illegal ways. Prabhu touches upon the dirty games played off the field in the name of betting, which is not legal in the country. However, the director hasn’t bothered to look into the root-cause of the menace. Instead he concentrates on the war between various groups to grab the betting money being transferred during IPL final.

    Mankatha (meaning a sort of gamble), set in Mumbai talks about the underworld groups operating in betting market. The movie opens with Mumbai police attempting to kill a person (Arvind) accused of a crime. Vinayak Madhavan (Ajith) enters and saves the accused by killing the police.

    Sanjana (Trisha), daughter of Arumugam Chettiar (Jayaprakash), falls for Vinayak and introduces him to her father. Sanjana doesn’t know that her father is an underworld gang leader involved in betting and gambling on cricket matches.

    Saving Arvind gets Ajit a period of suspension from performing his cop duties but ends up in earning the goodwill of Chettiar as Arvind is working for him.

    Chettiyar finds himself in a tight spot as he has to drum up funds to the tune of Rs. 500 crores to be kept as betting money during the IPL finals. A special police squad headed by ‘action king’ Arjun whose mission is to curb betting and claim the money watches him closely. Vaibhav, a faithful man in Chettiar’s gang, turns a black sheep to grab huge money and settle in a foreign land with his wife Anjali. He gets help from a tainted police officer and a brainy IIT graduate (Premji Amaran). Later Vinayak joins them and the game gets hotter.

    Vinayak’s team outsmarts Chettiar’s plan to land the money in a safe place. The team loots the money successfully and keeps it in a secret place. Chettiyar desperately searches for the culprits and so does the special squad. Things get worse when Premji decides to take all the money with the help of another gang member and a call girl Sona (Lakshmi Rai). Now Vinayak and the police officer hunt for Premji and co while the police and Chettiar’s gang hunt for all the looters. Finally it boils down a bloddy clash between Vonayak and Arjun. What transpires at the end forms the rest of the story.

    Ajith looks stylish and enacts his negative role with ease. His portrayal of greediness and love for money is worth watching. He also scores well in romantic and comic sequences. Playing a police officer is a cakewalk for Arjun and he proves his worth in such a role. Trisha shines in a small part. She looks beautiful in Vaada Bin Leda song. Lakshmi Rai, sizzles in a small but negative character. Anjali and Andrea are thoroughly wasted.

    Jayaprakash shows his caliber and Premji provides some comic relief. Vaibhav and Aravind are quite effective.

    Sakthi Saravanan’s cinematography is one of the highlights of the film. Yuvan Shankar Raja has provides some peppy numbers (Vilaiyaadu Mankatha) and a couple of melodies. His background score makes the proceedings livelier.

    Director Venkatprabhu presents the movie in an interesting manner making use of the strengths of his lead characters. Though the first half moves slowly, the second half compensates. The climax is surprising. The looting operation looks unconvincing but the twists within the script are okay.

    The tagline says “Strictly no rules”. Venkatprabhu justifies this statement perfectly but he has also thrown away all the values involving public money, smuggling, greediness, and brutal killings for money. Venkatprabhu’s portrayal celebrates the victory of the protagonist and his close associate, who are nothing but hard core criminals. There is no wrong in portraying negative characters in the lead but the director must maintain a distance from his characters. You can make anti social elements as your central characters but you can’t celebrate their triumph. Venkat doesn’t even bother to show why they behave in such a manner.

    Moreover, he doesn’t care to look into the intricacies of betting network. You talk about betting but you don’t show what is betting and how it takes place successfully. Strange but what can you expect from a Tamil movie, which is not known for meticulous homework?

    Despite these flaws Mankatha turns out to be a decent entertainer thanks to the fast paced second half, unexpected climax, and Ajith.

  6. arun srinivas says

    Mangatha-Actor Ajith Kumar’s 50th film. From the shooting to the release date, all things surrounding this ‘game’ movie hogged the limelight. It revolves around the betting and the people involved in it. ‘Thala’ Ajith pays a baddie and electrifies the screen with his amazing screen presence even in this multi-starrer.
    Sumanth (Vaibhav) works under the local bigwig Arumugam Chettiyar (Jayapraksah) who is involved in high-level gambling and several other illegal businesses. Local cop Ganesh (Ashwin) also assists Chettiyar. Mahath (Mahath) is a owner of a local pub. Prem (Premji Amaran), Mahath’s friend is a IIT pass-out and a hacking expert. Enters Vinayak Mahadevan (Ajith Kumar), suspended cop to join the group. This group plans to loot the 500 crores betting amount that is being handled by Chettiyar through his ragged-looking theatre. Chettiyar’s daughter Sanjana (Trisha) palys the love interest of Vinayak. ACP Prithvi Raj (Arjun) is the newly-appointed anti-betting squad head. And the cat-and-the-rat chase begins.

    The film is literally made to showcase Ajith as a baddie and in style. His electrifying screen presence, grand entry, salt-and-pepper look, coolers and mass dialogues, tailor-made car and bike stunts are all fantastic. He flips cigarettes like a pro, drinks like a fish and fights like Terminator. The pre-interval scene and ‘Vaibhav interrogation by Arjun’ scene stand out. Arjun’s act is neat and packed. Yuvan’s ‘vilayadu mangatha’ and ‘kannadi nee’ numbers rock. Yuvan has made the background score as another character in the movie. Trisha, Anjali (Vaibhav’s wife), Andrea (Arjun’s pair) are all wasted. Sakthi Saravanan’s cinematography is upto to the mark.

    The negative points are a lenghty first half, mis-placement of songs, Premji’s comedy at some points, bullet-proof Ajith. The first half may be trimmed a bit. The dialogues aren’t funny, the sequences are very predictable, the gun-fights are silly at times and the heroines vanish if you blink. Venkat Prabhu has dished out an ou-and-out Ultimate Star’s mass movie and if it works even an inch, its all because of the star’s evergreen charisma.

    Overall rating: 3.5*/5.

  7. Sudarshan says

    Ayutha Porattam Movie Review

    Jai Akash has been trying his luck into different genres of films and of course, it has been evident with the past. The actor somehow couldn’t manage to make a big hit. Finally, the actor has decided to come up with a new avatar of wielding megaphone for his own film titled ‘Ayutha Porattam’. The film has Jai Akash playing dual roles while Preethi Meenal and Anitha Reddy are starring opposite him in female lead characters with ‘Renigunta’ fame Theepetti Ganesh taking on a prominent role.
    The film revolves around group of ammunition manufactures and is known for their outstanding skills of making them in style. For training, they are now commuted to Sri Lanka and during the journey the bus is breakdown. The group now gets down the forest and starts walking for shelter and food. There is a sort of commercial mix here as we see romance, action, adventure sprinkled now and then. But soon as they get through the journey, a group starts hunting them down. The only survivors are the protagonist and his girlfriend. Then Jai Akash is surprised to see that there is a person with the similar looks and he is a Eelam fighter.
    Basically, the film has a serious theme and it’s a sensitive issue as well. But Jai Akash has dealt with it in amateurish way. So pathetic as it will make every audiences run for their lives rushing out of theatres. Right from the beginning till the end, there isn’t anything caters to the tastes of any group of audiences. So hard and ridiculous is the making style. Jai Akash has to better make a decision better keep himself away from such movies or go find at least a cameo role that will earn him good credits.
    The climax portion where the protagonist displays the clippings of Tamil film industry’s protest for the community of Tamil Eelam is a rib-tickling comedy.
    On the whole, ‘Aayutha Porattam’ is a ‘Porattam’ for audiences as they may not get even a sound sleep as it happens with them while watching some below average movies.

    Production: Jai Balaji Movie Makers
    Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction: Jai Akash
    Star-casts: Jai Akhash, Preethi Meenal, Anitha Reddy, Theepetti Ganesh and others
    Music: Nandhan Raj
    Cinematography: Saavi Satish

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