Siruthai Review

Banner: Studio Green
Star Cast: Karthi, Tamanna, Santhanam
Direction: Siva
Production: K E Gnanavelraja
Music: Vidyasagar

Siruthai karthi tamanna Siruthai Review

Karthi seems to be having a dream run in Kollywood. He is like a batsman in in prime form smashing all deliveries to boundary. As long as you are not ready to complain that ‘Siruithai‘ lacks logic, the film would work big time, as it is an out and out commercial fare.

Having started his career convincingly being part of off-beat movies like ‘Paruthuiveeran‘ & ‘Aayirathil Oruvan‘, the sibling of actor Surya is right here at a groove proving that he too is not far behind his elder brother, tasting success doing mass masala ventures.

Siruthai karthi tamana Siruthai Review

Adding to his list of entertainers is ‘Siruthai’. Fast and furious from the word go, the movie comes with a sole purpose to provide entertainment and with no pretensions achieves the purpose.

As if not happy scoring a ton in his earlier ventures, Karthi goes to score a double hundred here. Yes, the actor manages to pull it off convincingly donning a dual role in the film for the first time – that of a callous local youth and a tough cop.

Though a remake of Telugu hit ‘Vikramarkudu’, director Siva has taken Karthi’s abilities in his stride to make some suitable changes in the Tamil script, that helps the movie cross the chequered flag with much ease and gusto. Be it the dialogues, comedy, action or romance, ‘Siruthai’ manages to sustain all interest – it is like a pot where you put your hand everytime you get a fortune.

Siruthai karthi tamannah Siruthai Review

Rocket Raja (Karthi) is a small time thief who is talented enough to steal anything he comes across. In the company of Kaatupoochi (Santhanam), he enjoys life to its extent and even falls for the charm of a beautiful girl (Tamannah).

However, his life changes forever when a small girl comes to Raja calling him dad. As Raja finds out the girl’s past, a flashback reveals that she is the daughter of an honest cop Rathanavel Pandian (Karthi), who is a nightmare to baddies.

Siruthai tamanna Siruthai Review

However, Pandian is now is on the run because his enemies are behind him and his daughter. Eventually, the villains find the whereabouts of Pandian and finishes him off.

So steps in Rocket Raja (with the help of Pandian’s colleagues who are behind the girl reaching him) into his shoes and finishes the unfinished work of Pandian. He also takes care of his daughter. A roller-coaster ride of fun, joy, camaraderie and romance is what ‘Siruthai’ is eventually.

Siruthai tamannah Siruthai Review

Karthi has not merely run through the motion but gives his heart and soul in the characters. Be it a fun-loving Rocket Raja or the angry policeman Rathnavel pandian, Karthi brings both astute on screen. He combines the Anbuselvan of ‘Kakkha Kaakha’ and the Sakthi of ‘Pithamagan’, made famous by his brother Suriya. At ease and at his self in dual roles, Karthi spells his charm all through.

Not far behind is Tamannah. The ‘Paiyaa‘ duo of Tamannah and Karthi recreates the same chemistry on screen. Tammanah as bubbly innocent girl spells magic. A complex character made with ease by her. After a brief interval, she gets a role in which she really sparkles.

Siruthai karthi Siruthai Review

Add Santhanam for humour, and the end product is breezy and entertaining. As usual the comedian has audience in splits with his one-liners. He combines the grace of veteran Goundamani and presents them in his unique way, scaling success movie after movie. Mega Nair (of ‘Thangam’ fame) plays a woman police and has a bearing in the script.

Then there is Avinash, Rajiv Kanakala among others who do the job given to them with consummate ease Walking away with honours is Vidyasagar. The man of melody has come up with a cocktail of peppy and soft numbers, while Velraj’s cinematography is the talking point of the movie. The action sequences featuring Karthi as cop is major plus for ‘Siruthai’.

Siruthai karthi 2 Siruthai Review

Produced by Studio Green, ‘Siruthai’ is fit and fine for a good leap. With Karthi trying new vistas not missing out on the entertainment quotient, it is a obvious sweet pongal for masses this Pongal. Action and satisfaction is what ‘Siruthai’ is.

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  1. Parasu says

    The small girl is the real heroine in this movie she has played her role simply brilliantly and she deserves a lot of credit and really good movie

    Karthi is brilliant especially as Pandian and this is going to be a massive hit

  2. says

    This Pongal, Siruthai is a sure shot harvest for the senses. A commercial pot boiler with oodles of romance, comedy, action and emotion, the film keeps you riveted till the last shot and is a total paisa vasool. For Karthi, this is his fifth movie and a sure shot winner at the box office. The dual role as cop and thief is the highlight of the film with the actor having executed both with aplomb. The director deserves a pat on the back for his wonderful execution without going over the top in any aspect, leaving us with a nice feeling after walking out of the hall.

    Story in brief:

    Ratnavel Pandian ( Karthi) is a tough and brave cop who cleans up the Kurnool village area in Andhra which is ruled by the bad guys Bavuji ( Avinash) and his son who are in cahoots with a local minister.

    However he is wounded and almost dying thanks to a fight with the baddies, which prompts the police officers loyal to him to come up with a plan when they spot his look alike. The look alike is none other than a pickpocket called Rocket Raja ( Karthi) who robs anything under the sun along with his buddy Kaatapoochi ( Santhanam). The loyal officers give him the added responsibility of a kid Divya ( Rakshana) who is the daughter of the cop, who mistakes Raja to be her father. When Raja learns the truth about who the child is and what DSP Pandian has undergone, he vows revenge on the bad guys. He even abandons his love Swetha ( Tamannaah), a dumb girl who falls for him thinking he is a software engineer. How the two friends clean up the village and restore order to things forms the rest of the story. Does he win back his lady love? What happens to Pandian? See the film to find out!

    What works:

    Karthi is exemplary in the comic scenes and equally mesmerizing as the tough cop. Punch lines are aplenty and he carries off both roles with ease. His chemistry with Santhanam is a highlight and Tamannaah brings in the right amount of wit and beauty in the scenes. The music is foot tapping especially the Rocket Raja and Rakamma numbers and the picturisations of the songs including the Va va Chellam song are visual delights.

    The story has been well handled with comedy being the mainstay while the stunts by Ganesh master are credible and well executed without being exaggerated.

    Velraj’s camerawork helps a great deal in bringing out the nuances of the dual role and Tamannaah looks beautiful in the scenes she appears in. The screenplay is taut and from start to finish, the film keeps you intersested in what happens next.
    A clean family entertainer all the way, the film could well be the first superhit of the year.

    The flashback to present scenes is a bit confusing but you are enjoying yourself anyway so it doesn’t really matter in the long run. Though the formula used in the flick could appeal to the masses, the director could have thought of some fresh sequences to make the movie more exciting.

    Verdict: Complete paisa vasool!

  3. RAJA says

    karthi dod a good matured acting which is to be honoured ,

    Siruthai is a good entertainment Film .

    i hope this film will be a super hit fulfilling a good recreation for all kinds of people

  4. Vinoth Kumar says

    The man seeing his wife burning along with 2 kids & in another scene, the two kids seeing their mother being cuddled by someone else…

    Shit.. absolute shit… Do not poison the tamil movie watching crowds…

    To the censor board. ” Cutting Santhanam’s jokes you havent done anything great to the community. But by not censoring scenes above you have done a shit job.” Kill yourselves.

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