Top 50 Killer Military Girls

Well, from my point of view if these girls participate in any beauty contest obviously these can easily win any beauty contest but on the other hand these military girls seem absolutely ready to protect their respective countries. Just take a look at all pictures and discuss! which country’s military has most beautiful and brave girls? Feel free to share your views in comments!

Pakistan Military Girl

pakistan Top 50 Killer Military Girls

Israeli Military Girls

israeli female soldiers Top 50 Killer Military Girls

South Korean Military Girl

south korea Top 50 Killer Military Girls

Italian Military Girl

italian Top 50 Killer Military Girls

Russian Military Girl

russia Top 50 Killer Military Girls

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  1. aleksandar says

    the “Kosovo Military Girls” are serbian too, note the blue, white, red stripes on her berret :o)

  2. abhijeet says

    tthat czesh republic soo cute i love hershez damn gud mannnnnnnn i would love 2 get killed by her

  3. trevor says

    You’re telling me that’s the best the us has you could find? and bahrain??? i think you could have done a little better.

  4. adeii says

    Kosovo Military Girls have berret with amblem of “Serbia and Montenegro” ;)
    Best regards for our girls!

    Sheep-tars go to Hell!

  5. Roland says

    Where si a hungarian military girl???????????????????Hungarian girls is a best in the world :S:S:SS:S:S:S:S

  6. Geoff says

    Finn wins, hands down. US was cute, French good.

    In the Iranian category, I guess I wouldn’t slap the third one from the left too hard. Or the fourth one, because she has glasses.

  7. mark says

    the girl from the U K looks like the most beautiful angel in earth even if she can kick my butt !

  8. UrbanHeat says

    (Perfect in all respects Plus beauty in light of their profession as per following top orders)
    1. Veitnamese
    2. Pakistani
    3. Finish
    4. Indonesian
    5. Ukrain
    6. USA
    7. Austrian

  9. John Wheeler says

    I served in the US Navy during WWII and the Korean Conflict…guess I was born 70 years too soon, can’t remember so many pretty girls that served in the our WAFs, WACs, and BAMs…the girl-san from South Korea has a perfect US type hand-salute…let’s keep them out of harm’s way!

  10. jonathan says

    @LeviJoukela she served as a model right? because she’s the prettiest girl i’ve ever seen… at least in that pic.

    well i don’t regret not serving in the brazilian army after seeing the girls :P, they look they were just out of training in in the jungle

  11. says

    Military girls are beautiful and hot. If I happened to fight against these girls..I would surrender and started to work for them. I like the Polish girl. The Peruvian girl is having gun? Its very strange one.

  12. Miguel says

    1. Finland
    2. Czech
    3. Vietanm
    4. Greece
    5. Israeli

    Really, that is the best Colombian you could find? you have not seen many girls from here have you? she could be considered an average girl (not kidding).

  13. David says

    the vietnamese girl is so cute. where i’m from, everyone loves a girl that looks like her, foxy!

  14. meesch says

    Those “Israeli” soldiers are actually on a program which is basically 2 months of basic training for people from all over the world. Their gun barrels are painted white, meaning the pin patzil has been removed so it can’t shoot, and the hat in the middle girl’s lap has the symbol of the program. I would know, I did it too :)

  15. Ed says

    Why there are 2 photos of Polish girls and no photo of Hungarian one?

    (I’m Polish gys but Hungary is our beloved friend :-))

    IMHO the Serbian girl is the prettiest of the 50.

  16. Nastasya says

    “Kosovo military girl” is Serbian, you can see Yugoslavian flag on her hat…

  17. smart one says

    Roland says:
    December 27, 2010 at 11:01 am

    Where si a hungarian military girl???????????????????Hungarian girls is a best in the world :S:S:SS:S:S:S:S

    They not soliders thats all

  18. Mr Whoever says

    Umm, that Indonesian army, is actually a celebrity dressing a policewoman :D There ARE cuties in Indonesian PD, just google’em up

  19. Boris Yeltsin says

    Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish are the hotties. Perhaps the Kosovan too. Any one of them could shoot me stone dead without me so much as raising a finger of objection.

    The Australian one however … she’d have a proper fight on her hands.

  20. Zipadedoda says

    Looking good, but you should see my neighbor who is in the US Air Force. Simply drop dead gorgeous. If they had a woman who looked like her when I was in the Army, I’d still be in the army.

  21. szotar says

    The “Israeli” girls are not Israeli actually. They are on a program called Marva, which allows foreigners to “live the army life” for 2 months. Real Israeli soldiers are much, much hotter (well, some are, some aren’t). I would know, I am dating one of them. כל הכבוד לצה”ל

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