Kalki Bhagavan Amma Bhagavan frauds

Kalki Bhagavan Criminal Activities In Ashramam Part 1


Kalki Bhagavan Criminal Activities In Ashramam Part 2


Kalki Bhagavan Criminal Activities In Ashramam Part 3


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  1. Devotee of amma bagavan says

    Hey all .. Without knowing about kalki bagavan please dont give bad comments. I and my family are 8 years devotee of amma bagavan.. Because of amma bagavan oly ve living without any money and family prob. I dont have dad . For my studies also . In some way my bagavan helped me by giving money .. The people dances in grace of god and not because of any drugs. By simply viewing Video u cannot decide wat s happening,.. ur family videos anyone can talk badly at back and can dub it . Like that oly . Amma bagavan videos has been reached with bad voices. People who dont have faith no need to come to him. But please dont talk badly without knowing … God s ve praying is just created bcoz of fear.. Shiva eveerything ve have not seen. But praying,,… He is not physically present . This god made many persons t live happily . 60 lakhs devotee s are there. No parents will allow their children to stay in that place if they gives us drugs… So please dont talk un necessaryly on real god …. The person who thinks him god is god, Else he not for the peple who dont believe .

    He is not like other samiyars plx dont compare him with others


    Please see golden balls fallen in many devotee places .
    thank u,,,,
    Amma bagavan always lives and succed from this world…

    Iam at the feet of amma bagavan

  2. k .Archana says

    pls dnt make a bad comment on amma bhagavan,iam the devote from the past 3 years .i got lot of changes in my life after i darshaned ammabhagavan .iam at the feet of sri ammabhagavan.pls dont compare him with other samiyars.they are graet .pls visit them and urs lifes change……………………….

    U Loveing daughter.sri ammabhagavan…………………………

  3. says

    plz people belive sri ammabahagavan he is great loard he give lot of grace to people plz once u belive sri ammabhagavan u can rock in ur life before ur start ur work take blesings from ammabhagavn u can rock in ur work now a days meida is very un usebule to people people eddipt the tv so they r creat lot of stories so friends weakup and u once belive ammabhagavan bhagavan allways with u and lot of changes in ur life u cant tel ur happy so once u try.iam the devote frome 4years i got lot of changes in my life so iam verry happy and i provide bhavan gives blsings allways to me thanku ammabhagavan. bhagavan andariki blesings eachi kapadandi .



  5. desaria says

    Manipulators – the divine One may protect us!

    There is no longer time for manipulation of people worldwide – either by ‘gurus’ nor by politicians of different colours – no matter where in the world they’re acting. Making people to give somebody all his money (cause that is what it really is!) and keeping them addicted will not work in futur any longer.
    As Baghavan and Amma know that – they now take as much money from people, hoping for help or becoming blessed, somehow – but finally they all will awake – even without help of Bhagavan and his international group! If you put away all their smiling – you’ll face the demons of greed…!God needs no White Palaces and immobilias worldwide.
    There are loads of stupid europeans and americans still running behind a guru like this couple – loosing their money, their family, their love, their sense for reality and becoming megalomanic trainers, teachers or deeksha-givers – for money of course… God may protect us from all these sick deeksha-givers – befouling people with their uncleaned and manipulating minds – only god heals – no human being!
    Divine blessing is always free for every men and woman – there is no need for gurus like them.
    God will show you their real face – if you want to look at. May all people see the real truth!

    Love and blessings for all, Desaria

  6. shanthi says

    hey guyz plz dont say anything about amma and bhagavan without knowing who they are….

  7. says

    i’m a devote of AMMA BHAGAVAN from the past 4 yrs .i have attended many courses of amma and bhagavan which benefits me a lot. ………plz dont say anything about them.. . actually they r not saying that we should accept them as god, we can also accept them as parents or grand parents or friends,.. foer me they are really GOD . and those who are saying wrong words about amma and bhagavan will suffer i’m sure..

  8. says

    i’m a devotee of amma bhagavan from the last 3yrs.. from their courses i got many experiences.. I LOVE MY AMMA AND BHAGAVAN.. AMMA BHAGAVAN KI JAI

  9. Indian says

    Amma Bhagavan & Pa they are well dressed like cinema hero and heroine. Amma Bhagavan is always comes with make up with facial powder. Both are Gods, they are making peoples foolish, they want money. They are simply sitting and getting money, this job is good. For seeing amma bhagavan we want to give minimum Rs.5000.

  10. Srikanthreddy says

    Ammabagavan sharanam friends our ammabagavan is great god in the world i got lot of changes in my life i got lot of experience in my life i know them from past 6 years i attended many courses in onnes university i got more changes from them i know them power pleas friends i humble of request for you , you should attend the dikshas and courses in Oness university at varadayya palyam in chittur district and deffinetly you will change in your life and got success.

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