I know many actresses who earn 2 lakhs for an hour – Bhuvaneswari

Actress bhuvaneshwari
Actress bhuvaneshwari

This is nothing new for Bhuvaneswari. This is the third time she is getting arrested on immoral grounds. On a complaint that Bhuvaneswari was involved in flesh trade at her bungalow in Adyar, a cop pretending to be a customer, nailed her and had her arrested.

Of course, there arose a few sentimental scenes on the occasion. It seems yesterday was Bhuvaneswari’s son’s 15th birthday. When the cake was to be cut, the cops turned up to arrest her. The benevolent cops allowed her to finish the cake cutting and then apprehended her, as well as a few other women.

In her statement to the police, Bhuvaneswari has revealed a sad story. “I don’t know why fate is playing so cruelly in my life. Like me, there are so many actresses doing the same business, but the police turn a blind eye to that. I know many actresses who earn 2 lakhs for an hour. I am going to reveal that list. If they are also not arrested, I am not going to remain silent,” snapped Bhuvaneswari.

Some VIPs who are Bhuvaneswari’s customers, have called the police to request them to file an ordinary case against her and release her. But the police are steadfast in acrying out their duties!

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  1. Considering the fact that BHUVANESHWARI DEVI was so Hot & Happeing in her youth it is indeed terribly sad that she has been dragged into the flesh trade by choice or by necessity. What makes it rather so sad is that this is the third time she has been caught by the cops and exposed which means either she is too dumb or she hardky cares any longer what the world thinks of her side business or is that her lead profession and films now a side business to hook customers?

    Bhuvaeshwari Devi claims she knows actresses who are charging 2 lakhs per hour but how does that change the fact she too is neck deep in the same trade? She should remember that people point fingers only at those crooks who are caught red-handed ot those thieves who have never been exposed.

    If Bhuvaneswari Devi wants the world to believe that she is being victimised by the cops then how come she has been caught 3 times in a row with her panties down and her saree up?

    It may sound crude but while she claims that she knows actresses who charge Rs.200,000 per hour for their services wonder how much she herself is charging per hour and how much commission does she take from other girls/women who operate from her premisis? Maybe she shud start payig the local cops and petty politicians a weekly cut fromk her earningsor eve pay them in kind if not in cash, so that she is allowed to run her cottage industry without constant disturbance to her and her clients..Maybe that is why the other actresses are operating freely while she has been hauled in to prison thrice!!!!

    Considering she has a 15 year old son one really wonders how he feels his mother being labelled a callgirl(actually she is more of a call woman at her age)or a sleazy madam who runs a sex parlor on her premises…Maybe he has stopped caring and turned a blind eye on her professional skills…

    Truly Sad Indeed that such a promising actress has been reduced to this level of desperation..wonder what is her sob story or is she in it for sheer greed and to life a life of luxury even if the laes go through the Sin City of Sex & Slease!!!!

  2. Shame on you bhuwneswari. You fucking ass.you and your kind of actress disgrace on indian culture. Actress yamuna also involved in same case. You bitches.

  3. Mr. Jitin you need to take it easy, you, I think have real good culture, calling ladies ” bitches “, go back to school and get your culture lessons right. Secondly you are no one to judge people, there is government and law for that. GROW THE f UP!!!!

  4. My only question to her and the likes of her: In the end, what would you gain from all the money you amass in this way of life? And, what is the learning you leave for your son? If you have a daughter, how happy would you be to see her enter the same business and then give such stupid explanations on being caught?

  5. I have heard anushka shetty is in such business secretly but her rate is high for whole night and she is only for top rich guy & high level politicians.

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